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Aggression Management (English Speakers)

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    Aggression Management (English Speakers)

    Unfortunately, workplace violence is prevalent in many sectors. This ranges from customers or individuals displaying rude behavior to those who become physically aggressive. If as an employee, you encounter physical or verbal aggression, it can significantly impact job satisfaction and even lead to absenteeism. Having insight into the origin of conflicts and knowing how to prevent them can provide peace of mind and contribute to the well-being of employees. In our concise and practical Aggression Management training, we teach employees skills to handle various forms of undesirable behavior.


    The Aggression Management training is based on a realistic and well-tested method. During our training, we utilize a professional training actor with whom we practice conversational and attitudinal skills. Video analysis may also be a part of the training. Our instructors employ multiple learning styles in a session, ensuring that each participant is addressed in their own way. Mastering both physical and mental skills enhances self-confidence. Consequently, you become mentally stronger, increasing the likelihood that you can maintain composure in threatening, stressful situations and apply learned (de-escalation) techniques.


    The program of the Aggression Management training is interactive and may include:
    • Sharing experiences
    • Emotion thermometer
    • Aggression cycle and its five phases
    • Theory on the forms of aggression
    • Video analyses of aggressive situations
    • Numerous exercises based on real-life scenarios
    • Working with a specially trained (training)actor
    • Support and follow-up after an incident
    • Verbal Toolbox with special methodology developed in collaboration with a partner


    The goals of the Aggression Management training are:
    • To become emotional less easily
    • Maintaining and expressing boundaries
    • Awareness of one’s own behavior
    • De-escalation conversation techniques
    • Learning to redirect threats of violence
    • Stepping out of the victim role
    • Maintaining rules as much as possible
    • Discovering one’s own strength
    This training is specifically offered for English-speaking participants who are not proficient in the Dutch language or have limited proficiency in Dutch.

    Over deze training

    Voor wie: The training Aggression Management is intended for employees who, in their work situation, run the risk of encountering unwanted behavior or violence.
    Duur: Basic training: 2 to 4 sessions + optional follow-up session | Refresher training: 1 to 2 sessions
    Minimaal aantal personen: 6
    Maximaal aantal personen: 12
    Locatie: In consultation with the client.
    Erkenning: Workshops and trainings from React Advies & Training are included in the central register short statutory vocational education (CRKBO). When needed we can also offer registrationpoints for education and healthcare professionals, professional drivers and administrators via Registerplein, SKJ, NVO, BPI, Horus, Code 95, Kabiz and V&V
    Investering: Based on a quotation.
    Terugkomsessie: Ja, inbegrepen
    Verblijfskosten: Optioneel
    Beschikbare data: In consultation with the client.

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